ULTRAVIOLET ALLEY is the home of the photography and other creative ventures of Tim Ashby-Peckham.

I’m a photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve got a history with DSLR photography going back to 2015 but have had an interest in photography since I was child. 

Having something designed for nothing other than to capture light, has been the impetus for me to meet many New Zealanders from diverse backgrounds, taken me to places I may not have gone and have encountered much of New Zealand’s unique and rare wildlife and ultimately seen my work end up in local and national magazines, and be seen around the world.

So whether you want New Zealand themed nature prints for the wall at home or as a gift, or if you want an experienced photographer to take your portrait photos, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Ultraviolet Alley and I hope you enjoy what’s on offer.